Blizzard Entertainment has announced today that operation of WCS America Season 1 will be handled by ESL (Electronic Sports League) effective immediately. WCS Europe and Global StarCraft II League (GSL) will also go on as planned and are not affected by this news.

NASL recently informed Blizzard that it would be unable to honor its commitment to operate the WCS America Season 1 competition. After hearing this news, Blizzard decided to immediately transfer operation of the league to ESL, in order to protect the interests of the pro players and fans, as well as the integrity of WCS competition.

ESL, our current partner for WCS Europe, will step in and operate WCS America for the rest of Season 1. The remainder of Premier League round of 32 competition will go on as scheduled next Tuesday, March 11 and Wednesday, March 12 with the broadcast originating from ESL’s studio in Cologne, Germany. You’ll be able to catch the action as you always have, through Twitch, the official WCS portal site, or on the Blizzard WCS mobile app for iOS.

In order to accommodate changes in player travel, the WCS America Round of 16 will be delayed until April 5-6 and played live at the ESL studio in Cologne. The WCS America Finals will then take place at the ESL studio on April 10-13, at the same time as the WCS Europe Finals. Blizzard and ESL have already begun working with players to assist with the new travel requirements to Germany.

WCS America Season 2 and Season 3 will take place, and we will announce more details about schedule and operation of those seasons as soon as possible. And as mentioned before, WCS Europe and GSL competition will not be impacted by these changes to WCS America.

We’d like to acknowledge NASL’s support of StarCraft II eSports and thank them for producing many memorable events over the years.

We also want to thank ESL for being able to step in and help us continue WCS America competition with minimal impact to viewers and players. They continue to grow as a global leader in eSports and Blizzard is proud to work more closely with them on WCS.

Keep checking the official WCS site for further news about WCS America, and be sure to tune in next week for more exciting StarCraft II competition in WCS America Premier League!