With the Season 1 Qualifiers now complete, Challenger Matches for WCS America Season 1 will begin next Tuesday, January 21st. Broadcasts will begin at 3 p.m. PST each day on the WCS America channel on Twitch. The winner of each match will advance to Premier League, and the loser will need to qualify again next season. The match schedule will be as follows:

Tuesday, January 21 – 3:00 pm PST

Time Match
3:00 pm PST HuK vs Bails
Apocalypse vs desRow
Scarlett vs Cowman
Top vs viOLet
aLive vs KoMA
MajOr vs Kane

Wednesday, January 22

Time Match
3:00 pm PST Sage vs Has
Alicia vs Courage
Arthur vs iAsonu
Jim vs Bomber
Ian vs puCK
Minigun vs SaroVati

Tuesday, January 28

Time Match
3:00 pm PST HyuN vs Jig
qxc vs SeleCT
NesTea vs KingKong
TheStC vs CatZ
Neeb vs EnDerr
Revival vs Slam

Wednesday, January 29th

Time Match
3:00 pm PST Sen vs Check
Illusion vs Astrea
drunkenboi vs TooDming
Tassadar vs Xigua
CranK vs PiG
Suppy vs MaSa


Cowman Replaces Sonic
Sonic recently qualified via the WCS America Season 1 US/Canada/Latin America Qualifier #2. However, he has since withdrawn from the competition. As such, Cowman will be taking Sonic’s vacated spot, as Cowman was the player Sonic defeated in the Ro8. (Additional spots granted via the Ladder WildCard Qualifier were only for vacancies in the league prior to the start of the qualifiers.)

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