Update: The one-time subscription option for WCS Season 2 Finals at gamescom is now available for $5.99 on the WCS_Europe channel. This subscription includes the following benefits:

  • Directly support WCS and StarCraft II eSports
  • Access to exclusive Blizzard WCS emoticons (limited time offer)
  • Watch in highest quality bitrates (1080p+)
  • Ad-free viewing
  • Participate in Subscriber-only chat

Note: If you have purchased the WCS EU Season 2 subscription for $5.99 you will still have access to the WCS emoticons that you have already been enjoying.

Today, we’re happy to announce that beginning with the Premier League Round of 16 for WCS America and WCS Europe (see the news post here for more information), there will be a new premium subscription ticket available on Twitch for WCS Season 2. This ticket will not affect any of the current features and benefits that viewers are accustomed to receiving for free, but will allow StarCraft II eSports enthusiasts to support the WCS and our partners in our endeavors to provide new features and quality options. The Premium ticket will initially include:

  • 1080p+ (if available) and 720p+ live bitrate options. This is in addition to the free 720p, 480p, 320p, and 240p options already provided.
  • A unique WCS subscriber icon that will appear next to your username to display your support in chat. blog_sc
  • A suite of 9 Collector’s Edition emoticons that will be available in Twitch chat on any channel. These emoticons will be enabled on your account for the full duration of WCS and will be different each Season. Please provide feedback for any emoticons you would like to see in upcoming Seasons.
Twitch Chat Emoticon Display Code
blog_terran _terran_
blog_zerg _zerg_
blog_protoss _protoss_
blog_gg _gg_
blog_op _thatsop_
blog_cheese _cheese_
blog_baneling _baneling_
blog_zealot _zealot_
blog_marine _marine_

If you already subscribe to WCS OSL or WCS GSL, we’ll also be providing these features on those channels starting Monday, August 3 at no additional cost. VODs for all WCS America and WCS Europe matches will still be available for free at www.StarCraft2.com/wcs.

The WCS America Season 2 Premium Subscription is available for $5.99 and covers almost 100 hours of live Premier and Challenger League StarCraft II action on the WCS America channel for the remainder of Season 2 until September 5, 2013.

The WCS Europe Season 2 Premium Subscription is available for $5.99 and covers the Premier League Round of 16 and League Finals from August 5 – 11 on the WCS Europe channel.

The WCS Season 2 Finals Subscription covers the Season 2 Finals at gamescom from August 21 – 25, and will be available alone for $5.99 after August 12.

You can purchase a discounted package for WCS Europe Season 2 Premium Subscription and WCS Season 2 Finals Subscription for $9.99 if you purchase the tickets together.

To purchase any of these tickets, log in on Twitch, navigate to the channel you wish to subscribe to, click the purple “Subscribe” button below the stream, and input your information on the following page.