GSL Qualifier
  • Terran
  • South Korea
  • 134
  • 100

Han ‘aLive’ Lee Seok qualified for the final open season of GSL, then on team fOu. He defeated Zenio before dropping to July in the round of 32. His finish in the tournament allowed him to play in the GSL Code A Tiebreaker, where he went 3-1 to qualify for the first season of Code A. In 2011, aLive began playing for TSL and was a key player for them in the GSTL, performing 3-kills of both Prime and fOu. After some controversy, aLive left Team SCV Life in January 2012 and was later officially signed by Fnatic.

On February 11, 2012, aLive participated in IPL4 Online Qualifier 1. aLive started off from the round of 64 and defeated CranK, Heart, Life, DongRaeGu, GanZi, and advanced into the finals to face PuMa. aLive was able to defeat PuMa by a score of 2-0 and finished in first place. The first place finish qualified aLive for the IGN Pro League Season 4. aLive would go on to beat the likes of MMA, NesTea, MarineKing and Squirtle at IPL4 en route to his first major championship.

Biography used with permission from Liquipedia. Liquipedia Photo taken by Richard “R1CH” Stanway.

Past Events
Date Event Place
2014 GSL Code A Season 3 37th-48th
2014 WCS America Challenger League Season 2 17th-32nd
2014 WCS America Premier League Season 1 25th-32nd
2013 WCS America Challenger League Season 3 9th-16th
2013 WCS America Premier League Season 3 25th-32nd
2013 WCS Season 2 Finals 5th-8th
IEM Shanghai 2013 5th-8th
2013 WCS America Premier League Season 2 6th
2013 WCS Season 1 Finals 5th-8th
2013 WCS America Premier League Season 1 3rd-4rth
IGN Pro League 4 1st
GSL Season 1 2012 Code S 3rd-4th
TL Open Map Contest 1st