• Protoss
  • South Korea

In the 2012 GSL Season 1 Code A preliminaries, Avenge earned a spot in Code A by defeating former teammate Hack in the finals. His first opponent in the round of 48 was IdrA. Avenge won 2-0 and advanced to the round of 32 where he would face Terius. Avenge took out Terius 2-1 to advance to the next round, where he lost to Oz 2-0. In the Up and Down matches, he failed to qualify for 2012 GSL Season 2 Code S after going 2-3 in his group, finishing 3rd. He beat YugiOh and Heart, but lost to Squirtle, KeeN, and BBoong. His opponent in 2012 GSL Season 2 Round of 48 was Sniper. He lost and was eliminated from Code A 0-2.

Through 2012 his runs through the qualifiers improved, and in the 2013 WCS Korea Challenger League preliminaries he secured his return to the circuit, defeating Cure in the finals 2-1. His Round of 48 match is his first televised appearance wearing the StarTale jersey.

Avenge is now retired.

Biography used with permission from Liquipedia. Liquipedia

Past Events
Date Event Place
2014 GSL Code S Season 3 25th-32nd
Dreamhack Open: Bucharest 2013 9th-12th
2013 WCS Korea Challenger League Season 2 25th-40th
2013 WCS Korea Challenger League Season 1 13th-24th
TL Open Map Contest 3rd-4th