• Terran
  • South Korea

Choi ‘Bomber’ Ji Sung is a Korean Terran player that is currently playing under a private sponsorship from Red Bull.

Bomber was one of the first four South Koreans to be invited to MLG Columbus as part of a new partnership between MLG and GSL. However, due to Visa related issues, he could not go and so he was replaced by MC. He later participated in DreamHack Summer 2011, where he made it out of the group stage and into the playoffs, where he was defeated by Moon but ended up beating July to secure third place. Since Bomber could not participate at MLG Columbus due to Visa issues, he was invited to MLG Raleigh as one of the South Korean participants from the GSL-MLG Exchange Program. There, Bomber managed to place first in his group going 5-0 and then defeated DongRaeGu and CoCa to reach the Grand Finals. After defeating CoCa once again 4-1 in an extended series, he emerged as the champion. Bomber was one of twelve participants at the first StarCraft II Red Bull LAN on September 30 to October 2, 2011.

Like previous champions, MLG invited Bomber to MLG Orlando to try and defend his title. There, he placed first in his group, losing only to SaSe. He then went on to lose 2-1 to TheStC in the Winner’s Semi-Finals and was eliminated 2-1 by IdrA in his next match, a long, incredibly close match, earning him 6th place.

Bomber decided to change regions in 2014 and successfully qualified for 2014 WCS America Season 1 Challenger by placing top 5 in the Ladder Wildcard Qualifier.

Biography used with permission from Liquipedia. Liquipedia

Past Events
Date Event Place
2016 SpoTV StarLeague Seaon 2 13th-16th
2016 GSL Code A - Season 2 24th-48th
2016 GSL Code A Season 1 25th-48th
4Gamers StarCraft II Tournament 2nd
2015 GSL Code S Season 3 17th-24th
2015 GSL Code S Season 2 9th-12th
IEM San Jose 2014 3rd-4th
2015 GSL Code S Season 1 25th-32nd
Red Bull Battle Grounds Grand Finals 2014 1st
2014 KeSPA Cup 5th-8th
2014 Taiwan Open 5th-8th
DreamHack Open: Valencia 2014 9th-16th
2014 WCS America Premier League Season 3 1st
Red Bull Battle Grounds Atlanta 2014 1st
MLG Anaheim 2014 13th-16th
HomeStory Cup IX 5th-8th
2014 WCS America Premier League Season 2 2nd
Lone Star Clash 3 3rd
IEM Sao Paulo 2014 5th-8th
2014 WCS America Premier League Season 1 5th-8th
2013 WCS Korea Premier League Season 3 17th-24th
2013 WCS Korea Challenger League Season 3 25th-40th
2013 WCS Season 2 Finals 1st
2013 WCS Korea Premier League Season 2 3rd-4th
2013 WCS Korea Premier League Season 1 5th-8th
IGN Pro League 5 4th
MLG Fall Championship 3rd-4th
MLG Raleigh 2011 1st
DreamHack Summer 2011 3rd
GSL May 2011 Code A 1st