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Patrick “Bunny” Brix is a Danish Terran player.

The first big breakthrough for Patrick ‘Bunny’ Brix was in World Championship Series 2012 Denmark on July 28th, 2012, where he defeated players such as Ciara and Cupcake to take third after BabyKnight and Blackcidy.

In 2015, Bunny played in the European WCS Qualifiers, making it to the final round of the first qualifier, where he faced Lilbow, but lost 0-2. However he did qualify in the second qualifier, beating MarineLorD in the finals of his bracket. Moving through to his WCS Challenger match, he was to face PtitDrogo who he was massively favored against, with this being the first big tournament for the French Protoss. The Dane beat him 3-0, going through to Premier League. There, he was to play against MajOr, MaNa and viOLet. He won against MajOr 2-1 in a very close series, before moving on to the winners match, where he met teammate MaNa, whom he lost to 0-2. He then met viOLet in the decider match, beating him 2-0.

Before playing out the Round of 16 of WCS in Poitiers, he participated in the Fragbite Masters Season 4, to which he was invited as the third place of the previous season. The Danish Terran cut through his Round of 16 groups with a 4-0, beating both Soulkey and HyuN 2-0. He was thus seeded into the Winners bracket of the Round of 12, where his first opponent was the German Protoss player ShoWTimE. He beat him 3-0 and moved through. His next match was against .Happy, who he beat in a 3-0 clean sweep as well, moving through to the Finals. There he played Soulkey once again, who had come from the Losers Bracket and was thus down one map against him. The series was much closer than the first one and Soulkey able to take it to a game 6, but Bunny eventually edged out a victory moving on to his first finals ever since beating HyuN in Gfinity half a year earlier. The day after, the final was played against Happy, and Bunny was able to easily sweep the series, taking it 4-0, making it his second ever major tournament title with a map score of 18-3, only dropping maps in the semifinals against Soulkey.

Bunny then played his GfinitySpring Masters I against Rain, Hydra and FanTaSy. He lost to Hydra 1-2 and to Fantasy 0-2, ending the tournament in last place.

The day after, he went to Poitiers, where he played the WCS Season 1. On day 1, he played his first Round of 16 match against Welmu and beat him 2-1. The day after, he played against Kane, but lost the match and dropped to the deciders match where he played and beat Has. In the upcoming Round of 8, Bunny played against his teammate Snute, but beat him 3-1 and moved on to the Round of 4, his best result in a Premier tournament at the time. There, he met one of the tournament favorites Polt and had an incredibly close series with him, barely losing in game 5. Polt eventually won this tournament. Having stated in an interview before the game that his dream was to reach the grand finals of a WCS, Bunny later posted on Twitter that despite being incredibly sad about his loss, he would definitely go for the finals in Season 2.

Having been invited to the second Gfinity Spring Masters event as well, he was put in a group with only Koreans – Patience, MC and Heart. He managed to move through with a clean 2-0 against MC and another convincing 2-1 win against Patience, and moved through to the Round of 8. There, he faced TRUE, but lost in a 0-3 series, and was eliminated from the tournament.

The next tournament he played was instead WCS Season 2 Challenger, against Beastyqt, whom he was able to pick beforehand. Bunny beat him 3-0, and once again moved through to Premier League. There, he played in a group with Jim, Petraeus, and Kane. He first beat Petraeus 2-1 in a very close series, with game 2 even going on for almost an hour, despite a recent nerf to Swarm Hosts. He then moved on to beat Jim 2-0 in the winners match and moved on to the Round of 16, played in Toronto.

Biography used with permission from Liquipedia. Liquipedia

Past Events
Date Event Place
DreamHack Zowie Open: Valencia 2016 17th-32nd
2016 DreamHack Zowie Open: Tours Spring Championship 9th-16th
2016 WCS Challenger Europe - Spring 7th-8th
2016 WCS Circuit Winter Championship 17th-32nd
ASUS ROG Summer 2015 13th-16th
2015 WCS Challenger Season 3 33rd-64th
Gfinity Spring Masters II 5th-8th
2015 WCS Premier League Season 2 3rd-4th
Gfinity Spring Masters I 13th-16th
2015 WCS Premier League Season 1 3rd-4th
DreamHack Open: Stockholm 2014 9th-16th
IEM Toronto 9th-12th
Gfinity 3 1st
2014 WCS Europe Premier League Season 3 5th-8th
DreamHack Open Bucharest 2014 5th-8th
Copenhagen Games Spring 2014 5th-8th
2014 WCS Europe Premier League Season 2 17th-24th
2014 WCS Europe Premier League Season 1 13th-16th
2013 WCS Europe Challenger League Season 3 1st-8th
2013 WCS Europe Premier League Season 2 25th-32nd
2013 WCS Europe Challenger League Season 2 25th-32nd
Homestory Cup VII 9th - 12th
2013 WCS Europe Premier League Season 1 17th-24th
2013 WCS Europe Challenger League Season 1 9th-16th
Copenhagen Games 1st
Dansk Metal Invitational 1st