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Paulo ‘CatZ’ Vizcarra is a Peruvian Zerg player currently playing for ROOT Gaming.

CatZ has been a popular streamer and personality in the NA scene since the beta of Wings of Liberty. A co-founder of ROOT Gaming, CatZ currently manages what is widely considered the strongest team in North America.

CatZ qualified for 2014 WCS America Season 1 Challenger by placing top 4 in NA/LA Qualifier #3.

Biography used with permission from Liquipedia. Liquipedia

Past Events
Date Event Place
2016 WCS Challenger Copa America - Spring 9th-16th
2015 WCS Challenger Season 2 32nd-62nd
2015 WCS Challenger Season 1 33rd-64th
Red Bull Battle Grounds Detroit 2014 9th-16th
Lone Star Clash 3 13th-16th
2014 WCS America Challenger Season 1 25th-48th