KT Rolster
GSL Code S
  • Terran
  • South Korea
  • 47
  • 875

During his Brood War career, Lee ‘Flash’ Young Ho was known for being one of the best and most dominant players in the history of the game, winning six StarLeagues throughout his illustrious career (four in one year as well as the OSL/MSL in the same season). At the 2012 MLG Spring Pro Circuit, Flash won the KeSPA Exhibition Tournament by beating Bisu 2-0 in the finals in dominant fashion.

Following KT Rolster’s win in the 2010-2011 Shinhan Bank Proleague final, while recovering from surgery on his right arm, Flash started playing StarCraft II on the ladder and quickly reached the Master League. In April 2012, he was reported to be practicing SC2 again and to be enjoying the game. In early May, Flash was reported to be considering to switch to Protoss, but kept practicing Terran as remaining with the same race for the upcoming hybrid BW/SC2 2011-2012 Proleague Season 2 seemed more suited. The South Korean player also stated that, in his opinion, it would take him a year to reach the skill level of the current SC2 top players, and one or two more years to reach his Brood War level of skills. On May 12, a South Korean website released the first videos of Flash practicing StarCraft II, playing Terran on the ladder.

Biography used with permission from Liquipedia. Liquipedia

Upcoming Events
Date Event
GSL Code S Ro16 - Group D
Past Events
Date Event Place
2014 KeSPA Cup 3rd-4th
IEM Toronto 1st
2014 GSL Code S Season 3 9th-12th
GSL Global Tournament 2014 9th-16th
2014 GSL Code A Season 2 25th-36th
2014 GSL Code A Season 1 37th-48th
2013 WCS Korea Premier League Season 3 9th-12th
2013 WCS Korea Challenger League Season 3 1st-12th
IEM New York 2013 9th-12th
2013 WCS Korea Premier League Season 2 9th-12th
2013 WCS Korea Challenger League Season 2 1st-12th
2013 MLG Winter Championship 2nd
2013 WCS Korea Premier League Season 1 13th-16th
2013 WCS Korea Challenger League Season 1 1st-12th
MLG Fall Championship 3rd-4th