WCS Europe Qualifier League
  • Terran
  • South Korea
  • 92
  • 450

Jung ‘Mvp’ Jong Hyun is a professional Terran player from South Korea currently playing for the team Incredible Miracle. He is a four-time GSL champion and winner of a WCG, BlizzCon, MLG, and IEM. Mvp has been referred to as the best StarCraft II player in the world on several occasions. He is also, along with MC, one of the only two players who has earned more than $300,000 in prize money in the StarCraft II era.

Mvp is a former Brood War professional who had had a decent career with Woongjin Stars. He switched to StarCraft II in October 2010 and co-founded team Incredible Miracle alongside several other former Brood War professionals. Roughly four months after his switch, Mvp claimed victory at the January 2011 GSL, becoming the first Terran player to win the tournament. He then went through a less successful period until July 2011, dropping into Code A, though he managed to win the GSL World Championship in the meantime.

Biography used with permission from Liquipedia. Liquipedia Photo taken by Ina Koeln.

Past Events
Date Event Place
2013 WCS Europe Challenger League Season 3 9th-16th
2013 WCS Europe Premier League Season 3 17th-24th
2013 WCS Europe Premier League Season 2 9th-12th
2013 WCS Europe Challenger League Season 2 1st-8th
2013 WCS Season 1 Finals 3rd-4rth
2013 WCS Europe Premier League Season 1 1st
IEM Season VII World Championship 3rd-4th
GSL Season 4 Code S 2012 2nd
IEM Season VII Cologne 1st
GSL Season 2: Code S 2012 1st
Blizzard Cup 3rd-4th
World Cyber Games 2011 1st
GSL November Code S 3rd-4th
MLG Providence 2011 4th
BlizzCon 2011 1st
GSL October Code S 2nd
GSL August Code S 1st
MLG Anaheim 1st
GSL May 2011 Code A 2nd
GSL World Championship 1st
GSL January Code S 1st