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  • Canada
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Sasha ‘Scarlett‘ Hostyn is a Canadian Zerg player who is currently teamless.

Scarlett started to play StarCraft II in April 2011. She made her first steps in the competitive scene by participating in an online female-only tournament, the NESL Iron Lady, becoming champion of those cups twice in a row in autumn of 2011. Since then she has been a consistent presence among the StarCraft II pro scene.

Scarlett’s play style favors using Zerglings, Banelings and Mutalisks, though she has also displayed proficiency with Infestors, Brood Lords, and Ultralisks. She also was one of the first, if not the first, to use Infested Terrans to bait Widow Mine hits (against Mvp in her GSTL debut). Her play style’s defining feature, though, is her Creep spread, which has been spotlighted and can stretch to opposing bases by the time of a decisive engagement.

More recently Scarlett attempted to qualify for the 2016 SpoTV StarLeague Season 2 but was quickly sent home after facing off against tough match ups with INnoVation, Ryung, Zoun, herO, and Bomber. She then moved onto the 2016 WCS Circuit: Spring Championship with no less of a daunting match up against FireCake in the Ro32. Scarlett defeated FireCake in a very entertaining five game ZvZ series – but was removed from the tournament in Ro16 after facing Nerchio, losing 1-3.

Biography used with permission from Liquipedia. Liquipedia Photo taken by Kevin Chang for Team Liquid.

Past Events
Date Event Place
2015 WCS Challenger Season 1 33rd-64th
Red Bull Battle Grounds Grand Finals 2014 5th-6th
IEM Toronto 13th-16th
2014 WCS America Premier League Season 3 5th-8th
MLG Anaheim 2014 4th
DreamHack Open: Summer 2014 9th-16th
HomeStory Cup IX 3rd-4th
2014 WCS America Challenger League Season 2 17th-32nd
2014 WCS America Premier League Season 1 17th-24th
2013 WCS America Premier League Season 3 9th-12th
2013 WCS America Challenger League Season 3 1st-8th
2013 WCS Season 2 Finals 5th-8th
2013 WCS America Premier League Season 2 3rd-4th
2013 WCS America Challenger League Season 1 1st-8th
2013 WCS America Premier League Season 1 13th-16th
IPL D.I.C.E. Showdown 2nd
MSI Pro Cup Worldwide 2nd
Ritmix Russian StarCraft 2 League S2 2nd
WCS North America Finals 1st
WCS Canada Nationals 2012 1st