Team Dignitas
  • Terran
  • South Korea

Ryoo ‘SeleCT’ Kyung Hyun is a Terran player from South Korea, currently sponsored by Ownaj.

SeleCT is a high level RTS player who first competed in both WarCraft III and Dawn of War. He found his greatest success in the latter, where he managed to become WCG champion twice. He later switched to StarCraft II, where he played Terran, before retiring to play DotA 2.

On May 27, 2013, it was announced that SeleCT had left his Dota 2 team and has since returned to StarCraft II.

SeleCT qualified for 2014 WCS America Challenger by placing top 4 in NA/LA Qualifier #1.

Biography used with permission from Liquipedia. Liquipedia Photo taken by Richard “R1CH” Stanway.

Past Events
Date Event Place
Red Bull Battle Grounds Atlanta 2014 9th-16th
Lone Star Clash 3 13th-16th
2014 WCS America Challenger League Season 2 17th-32nd
2014 WCS America Premier League Season 1 25th-32nd
2013 WCS America Challenger League Season 3 33rd-40th
2013 WCS America Challenger League Season 2 25th-32nd