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Kim ‘Soulkey’ Min Chul, formerly known as ”Neo.G_Soulkey”, is a StarCraft II professioanl from South Korea, and is currently a member of SK Telecom T1. Soulkey played his first official StarCraft II match during the Hybrid 2011-2012 Proleague Season 2.

Soulkey earned some Brood War fame in 2010 as he achieved an impressive win streak in the KeSPA Dream League ’09–’10, with a total record of 13–4. He also all-killed STX SouL in the ’09-’10 Shinhan Proleague Winners League Play-Off match.

At MLG Anaheim 2012, Soulkey participated in the KeSPA Exhibition Tournament and took 3rd/4th, losing to Flash, who ended up winning the exhibition against Bisu in the Finals. This was the first chance for many players outside of Korea to be introduced to this phenomenal Zerg player.

In 2013, Soulkey racked up an astonishing amount of tournament placings and prize money. He accumulated over $100,000 in prize earnings for winning WCS Korea Season 1, WCG 2013, and placing in numerous other events like WCS Season 1 Finals, WCS Korea Season 3 Premier League, and WCS Season 3 Finals.

Soulkey was ranked #1 in WCS points before the 2013 WCS Global Finals at BlizzCon and defeated NaNiwa there before losing to Bomber.

Biography used with permission from Liquipedia. Liquipedia

Past Events
Date Event Place
2016 GSL Code A Season 1 17th-32nd
2016 SpoTV StarLeague Season 1 9th-12th
2015 KeSPA Cup Season 1 5th-8th
2015 GSL Code A Season 2 25th-48th
Gfinity Spring Masters I 5th-8th
IEM Taipei 2015 3rd-4th
2014 Hot6ix Cup 5th-8th
2015 GSL Code S Season 1 9th-12th
2014 GSL Code S Season 3 9th-12th
2014 GSL Code S Season 2 5th-8th
2014 GSL Code S Season 1 13th-16th
2013 WCS Season 3 Finals 2nd
2013 WCS Korea Premier League Season 3 3rd-4th
2013 WCS Season 1 Finals 3rd-4rth
2013 WCS Korea Premier League Season 2 7th-8th
2013 WCS Korea Premier League Season 1 1st
MLG KeSPA Exhibition Tournament 3rd-4th