WCS America Premier League
  • Zerg
  • South Korea
  • 21
  • 2375

Kim ‘viOLet’ Dong Hwan is a Zerg player from South Korea, who is currently teamless.

viOLet has a history as a WarCraft III progamer and since moving to StarCraft II, has lived in the US for most of his time. His first major championship came in IEM Season 6 at Sao Paulo, but what cemented him as a top level progamers were his finishes in the middle and end of 2012 as he won the MLG Spring Arena 2 and finished top 4 at IEM Season VII – Cologne, and then back-to-back runner up performances in NASL Season 4 and IPL5.

viOLet overcame issues with playing in WCS America by acquiring his P-1 visa from the United States government, a document that legally recognizes him as a professional athlete.

viOLet qualified for 2014 WCS America Season 1 Challenger by placing top 4 in NA/LA Qualifier #1.

Biography used with permission from Liquipedia. Liquipedia

Past Events
Date Event Place
2013 WCS America Challenger League Season 2 25th-32nd
2013 WCS America Premier League Season 2 13th-16th
Homestory Cup VII 5th - 8th
DreamHack Open: Summer 2013 9th-12th
2013 WCS America Challenger League Season 1 1st-8th
2013 WCS America Premier League Season 1 13th-16th
NASL Season 4 2nd
IGN Pro League 5 2nd
IEM Season VII Cologne 3rd-4th
MLG Spring Arena 2 2012 1st