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Lei ‘XiGua’ Wang is a Zerg player from China.

XiGua was a former WarCraft III player that switched around the release of StarCraft II. He is considered one of the best players from China, if not the best.

XiGua has been a staple in Chinese StarCraft events for many years. In 2013, he managed to take top 4 in 5 different events within China.

XiGua has qualified for 2014 WCS America Season 1 Challenger by placing top 3 in the lone Chinese qualifier.

More recently in 2015 with the 3-0 winning against Clavie in the qualifier of 2015 WCS Season 1, he entered the Ro32, where he won against Astrea but lost to Snute. Then after winning against uThermal he entered the Ro16. However, due to his performance in ZvZ match ups, he lost to Serral and TLO.

He almost lost his ticket to 2015 WCS Season 3 - but managed it due to SaberAltoria’s loss to him. He then won against TooDming by 3-0. However, XiGua expressed that he did not expect high results in the main tournament due to his age, and later he lost to MaNa and viOLet by 1-2 in both matches.

Biography used with permission from Liquipedia. Liquipedia

Past Events
Date Event Place
2016 WCS Challenger China - Summer 5th-8th
2016 WCS Challenger China - Spring 9th-16th
2016 Gold Series International 13th-16th
2016 WCS Circuit Winter Championship 17th-32nd
GPL 2015 - Grand Finals 1st
2015 WCS Premier Season 3 25th-32nd
2015 WCS Challenger Season 2 32nd-62nd
2015 WCS Premier League Season 1 13th-16th
2014 WCS America Premier League Season 3 17th-24th
2014 WCS America Premier League Season 2 9th-12th
2014 WCS America Premier League Season 1 13th-16th